The Secret River - Roman Vergrößern

The Secret River - Roman

von Kate Grenville
ISBN: 978-0-85786-084-2 Ausgabe 2011
366 Seiten

Das Original Taschenbuch zu unserer Englischliteratur.


William Thornhill grows up in the slums of London in the early 19th century. The Thornhills are hardworking people, petty crime, however, is the only means of survival for them. When Will is caught stealing wood one day, he is deported to the penal colony of New South Wales, Australia. His wife and children are allowed to accompany him. In Australia the family can start a new life. However, the Darug people have lived in the area where the Thornhills settle for many years and refuse to accept the new settlers’ claims of ownership without a fight. Thornhill realises that there is a fine line between coexistence with the indigenous population and the acts of violence he feels forced to commit in the end.

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